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What does proofreading mean?

Therefore, proofreading is the final correction of a document or text before publishing it or send it to the customer. Just to point it out, it does not mean that they approve the translation, but the correction and resolution of related problems about the appearance, lines spacing, double points, indentations, or visibility. It is usually to find some grammatical errors, and they change it even if those have been overlooked in the review process. Webseographicsit provides the best proofreading and editing service.

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What is the importance of hiring a proofreader?

We know that proofreading includes the review of aspects related to the style, cohesion, and grammar of any work, but we have not mentioned one of the essential elements: The clarity of the text.

Because let’s think… Would you be able to understand a press article related to the fluctuation of interest rates? For example, imagine that the writer uses complex phrases, specific terms, and a rather low score. People will not be able to understand if they are not experts in the field. The lack of clarity in a text makes it completely illegible, which results in the reader losing interest and stop reading before it is finished.

What does an editing mean?

The revision is a stage within the translation process that consists in verifying that the document is faithfully translated to the original and has no spelling, grammar, typographical, format, or other errors. The review is done by the same professional who has translated and is part of the minimum quality controls required to deliver a correct translation.

When is it advisable to do so?

The proofreading or external revision of the translation is a faster process than the translation itself, but it also takes time to do it well. Typically, proofreading rates are usually about half that of translation rates.

What should you review and proofreader?

  • Review the contracts and other documents that have legal implications.
  • High volume translations in which several translators have participated.
  • You should review and proofread translations made by professionals who are not native to the country or language.
  • Moreover, proofread technical or specialized translations with precise terminology.
  • Sophisticated translations that have not been done by an expert in the field.
  • Proofread the quality control of translations that do not inspire you enough confidence.

Points to differentiate proofreading and revision

  • The overall quality and the flow from your writing will be revised.
  • Grammatical errors and inconsistencies will be double-checked.
  • Paragraphs and sentences will also be revised.
  • The copy is going to be brighter and cleaner than before.
  • Your style guide will not be lost.
  • After the editing part and the corresponding approval, our proofreader will read your final draft to eliminate possible errors after the revision.
  • They will check the formatting and the layout of the text.
  • Our proofreaders will examine some dates, page numbers, and details about the structure.

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Hire an expert proofreader and editor!

Let the experts work for you. You do not have to do everything by yourself; if you give a chance to experts helping you in proofreading and revising all your documents before sending it to the final customer or the media, you will get better results. Because we only work with professional people, we assure you a high-quality manner to proofread your work.

Why should you hire us as both proofreading and editor?

We have many years working with the same types of projects. Therefore, we are always working with the best results at an affordable price. You will never have to worry again about the grammar errors and the format your work should have; we will do it for you!

What do we offer to our clients?

  • We assure you a 24/7 customer service.
  • The professional people working with us will deliver 100% credibility in your writing.
  • Our company will provide you expert revision and proofreader with a 100% guarantee.
  • We will always be available for you!
  • Your data and all the information will be secure with us.

What types of documents can we edit and proofread?

Our company has a wide variety of documents that can be revised and proofread.

For example, we can start editing or proofread academic writing such as essays, assignments, reports, articles, research papers, speeches, applications for any university, and more. Moreover, job applicants such as Resume, CV, cover letter, and among others. Then, businesses and authors such as SEO articles, novels, books, marketing material, brochures, and more.

Reviews and five stars for our proofreading and editing service

You can check on our website some reviews. People from many countries are so happy for our reliable work in every article or document we help them with the proofreading and edition.


There is no doubt that proofreading and editing is a vast tool to increase your credibility in your writing style. Therefore, by hiring a proofreader and editor, they will help you to become more reliable in the industry.

Moreover, you will be able to send documents, books, or other types of materials to the client with 100% confident that your work was double-checked in the structure and possible errors. Do not let a proofreader and editor far away from your work, you will love our services, and you will never want to leave!

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