Earn Through Facebook Ads

How to Increase Your Income through Facebook Ads?

There are thousands of webpages and blogs where the publishers claim to present the legitimate methods of earning a lot of money from Facebook ads. Basically, Facebook is a social media platform. Let me inform you that Facebook has become something more than just social communications platform. There are some legitimate methods to earn a sustainable income from Facebook pages.


First of all you must know that monetization is the process of earning money by using different methods from the internet. You cannot simply earn a lot of money only through Facebook ads. To earn sufficient amount, you need to integrate different methods. So please try to remain realistic rather than believing on the false claims. Stay away from the exaggerations. The most trusted methods of monetization include CPC, CPM, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Products or Services. As far as CPC and CPM are concerned, both work well with Google Adsense and Media.net

Clickbank and Amazon are the best platforms to get benefits from the Affiliate Marketing techniques. There are many other platforms which provide affiliate marketing services, but these two platforms are the best in the world. You can watch the free videos to get information about working with Amazon and Clickbank. Moreover, there is the option of Teespring.com where you can sell T-Shirts online. This is a US based company and the restriction is that this website provides its services for the US residents only. You can use the online system of Spring. You just need to target the audience with the similar interests. Suppose you have designed a T-Shirt logo for football, then you must target the audience from the countries where football is popular. The design of the logo must be attractive and unique.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook ads work very well when you want to sell your services or products. It is better to maintain a well-managed Facebook page of your product or services. Facebook Ads are basically helpful to bring targeted visitors to your website. The main purpose is to attract traffic to your website. Facebook is the number one social media page in terms of its number of users. Traffic from the Facebook ads is quite economical. Today social media platforms have become an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. You do not have to worry about the legitimacy of your Google AdSense account because it does not restrict the traffic from social media platforms.

Quick Response

As soon as your Facebook ads are approved, you can get quick results. The visitors start coming to your website in less than one hour. Moreover, this traffic keeps on coming as long as the ads remain on the Facebook page.

Facebook Coupons

You are allowed to use one Facebook coupon for one webpage. You can search for these coupons from fiverr.com.This website gives you the option to select from a huge variety of coupons. Normally you can purchase one Facebook coupon from 15$ and each of them contains 100 credits. Keep in mind that you always need to purchase space for Facebook ads. So a little investment is required here but the profit you earn is much more than the investment.

Recommended Ad Size

The most suitable size for Facebook ad is 1200*628 and keep in mind that the text size must not be greater than 20%. It means that the text should not cover more than 20% of the area in the ad. Pay more attention on the graphics and logo supported by a brief but compact title or heading. Facebook provides you the free tool in order to check the graphics quality of your ad. You can access this tool by visiting facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay. It will tell you whether your ad will be approved or not.As far as the position is concerned, it is best to use the space for allocated for the news feed and mobile devices. Keep in mind that over 70% of the users login from their smartphones.

Search for the Target Audience

Facebook allows you to search for the people having exclusive interests belonging to a particular profession or field. So you must search for the people who are likely to purchase your product or services. Facebook allows you to prepare a set of custom audience. If you do not select your target audience by yourself, Facebook will charge you more. So for this purpose you can use Facebook Graph Search. It will allow you to grab UIDs and Emails of the targeted audience. Remember that these emails are basically Facebook emails.

Start Campaign

After doing all this work you can start your campaign. Facebook provides different options such as Send people to your website, increase conversions, boost your posts and promote your page etc. It depends upon your desired results and type of campaign to select the best option.


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