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How to Make Videos and Earn from YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular video platform. It attracts millions of visitors per day. You can earn thousands of dollars by uploading attractive, genuine and informative videos. There are a lot of online courses which offer the training to create attractive videos. But most of them do not generate good results. In this article, I am going to share some credible ideas in this regard. You just need to follow some simple steps to create good videos.

Search for the Popular Questions

First of all you need to get an idea or theme for the video you want to create. The best way is to select the topic which aims to teach or guide something. In other words, some tutorials or step by step guiding demonstrations is better. The next question is to select the proper question. People have a lot of problems and they want to know the solution. The questions such as How to, Why do, Where to, etc. are the most effective titles to attract traffic.


Most of the people exaggerate things by claiming that you can earn millions of dollars through YouTube. Let me share that you get 1$ per 1000 visitors. In this way, you need millions of visitors to earn sufficient amount of money. 1 million visitors will earn you 1000$. It means to get the desired results you need to take such steps that are helpful to attract thousands of people per day.


You need to be patient. Remember that it might take months to attract thousands of visitors. But there is no hard and fast rules. There are videos which go ‘viral’. It means that these videos attract millions of users just in the first week.


There are different websites which contain question and answers. and are the popular platforms to find the answers to the questions. You need to search for the questions that are frequently asked. Then try to select the questions which you can answer or you have a legitimate solution for that problem.

Video Software

There are hundreds of video software and you can use any of them. In my view, Cantacia is the best software to work on. It is easy to use and offers a variety of options to create great videos. You can also opt for EZVid video software. You can visit the official website to download EZVid. You can use any other software if you feel comfortable.

Uploading Video

After making a good video, you need to create YouTube account which is free of cost. You need to select a suitable title for your video. The title must be catchy precise. Do not use any misleading title. Then select the suitable category from the list of categories. You can also create your channel. Once your video is ranked then the other videos in your channel are also displayed in ‘Related Videos’ which helps to increase the traffic to the other videos as well. I hope now you can start earning from YouTube. Best of luck!

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