Earn $1000 In A Month

How to Earn Over $1000 in a Month with Professional Google AdSense?

Most of the people were eagerly waiting for highly anticipated Google AdSense Pro. Today I am going to reveal two of the most surprising secrets of Google AdSense. So please concentrate on this article and for those who are new in this field, you can visit iamfaizan.com and watch the videos get a better idea of how to increase traffic to your website. All those methods are quite legitimate and credible.

Experience and Training

I have been working since 1998 and that is why after 17 years I have this responsibility to share all my experience with the people who are looking to earn a lot from Google AdSense. Not only me, my students are also making a lot and you can also register for the paid training but I never anybody to register for paid training.

Avoid Cheats and Cheap Tactics

Keep in mind that all the methods I share with you are entirely legal and legitimate without any tricks or cheap tricks. There are people who do not even know about Google AdSense. Let me share that Google AdSense is the method which allows you to change your life because it is easy and enables you to bring it to the first page of Google search engine. It enables you to earn a lot even beyond your imagination. This is a method which allows the publishers to obtain through Ads. Mainly Google brings ads to your website and it distributes the income to the owners of the sites.

Google AdSense works on CPC and CPM payment method. The most important thing is the country of your visitors. Visitors from the countries like US and UK, allow you to earn more as compared to the visitors of the Asian countries. The benefit of Google AdSense is that it posts the ads which are faithful to the type. It means that the ads are quite relevant to the content of the web page. In this way more and more visitors click on the ads and both advertisers and the owner of the page earn sufficient amount of money.

Content Quality is Integral

Google motivates the owners of the websites to maintain the quality of the content and its navigation of the page. Please remember that as an owner of the website, you must not click on the ads that are posted on your page. If you do this, your Google AdSense account might get blocked. So you must take this condition seriously.

Legitimate Information to Register with AdSense

To create a Google AdSense account, you only need to visit google.com/adsense and register for the account. Keep in mind to write you actual (real) name that is on your national identity card. Moreover, all the information which you provide while making the account must be true without any misleading fact.

Google requires you to have at least 500 words content on your web page and obviously this content must be free of plagiarism. In other words, it should be unique and credible. Google AdSense approval system mainly depends on the scenario. It is an automated system and you must know the difference between an automatic and manual procedure. You must have a Gmail account to register for Google AdSense. So you need a valid address, correct personal information, a quality website that is not congested, Gmail account and unique content.

Never Lose Hope

Some people think that Google AdSense do not accept website with .org extension, but it is not true. I have registered my own web page with .org extension so do not be hopeless. Keep in mind to stay away from joining ‘Clicking Groups’ because Google has changed its policies and your AdSense account might get blocked if you use such cheap sources to increase the viewership. Though you can use social media to promote your page and in this way when you attain the traffic through mixed sources, Google will never block your account.

Variety of Ads

There are different sizes of ads and the best is 360*280. The place and size of the ads must be smart. 728*15 is not suggested because it does not attract a lot of people. You can post 3 Ad units and 3 link units on one page including 2 search boxes. So it means that you can post total 6 ads and 2 search boxes, and this information is shared by Google itself. Ads on the top are most desirable. You have the option to match the font or theme of the ads, according to the subject of the pages. The ‘Red’ color is the most profitable color in this regard. Keep in mind that most of the people navigate through their smartphones.

Smartphone Supportive Theme and Navigation

Keep in mind that more than 70% visitors navigate through the smartphones so your themes and colors must be suitable for the smartphone screens. Remain in mind that your approach must be professional. You should think like a neutral visitor and see what attracts you on your web page and what seems to be non-attractive. In this way, you can make reliable changes. Google AdSense account automatically upgrades your account to premium (Life Time) account. But for this you need to keep different facts in mind. Premium account allows you to avail more and more benefits as compared to simple publisher’s account. So your content should be original with 20 million page views in a month. 5 million unique views must come from the search engines. So these are the requirements to get your premium account.










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